Non-Profit Storytelling

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file591263254235As a non-profit organization, you may measure your success based on the amount of donations you receive for your cause. This can be upsetting when you see a similar organization doing pretty well with their donations.

One thing they may be doing differently than you might be better storytelling. Telling your story might be the key to reaching donors pain points. Stories reach a persons emotions. Emotions tug at purse strings.

There are several types of storytelling structures you may use:

  • Value storytelling. This is when you are able to tell your organization’s story by the value of what you do to help your target audience in the community.
  • Improvement storytelling. This type of storytelling is when you show how their donation will make an improvement in the community of your target audience.
  • Creation storytelling. This storytelling technique is used when the organization tells the stories of the employees or volunteers. They say why they are so passionate about working with this organization, or how they got involved with the non-profit.

Testimonies can help you tell your story as well as videos and other print media. You should tell your story clearly, infuse and market your mission statement into the story. Say why you are really in business.

Ask yourself, why should your audience really care about what you do? In your story, convince them why you are worth their time and money. Decide who your audience is, and what are their pain points.
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Genola B. Johnson works with non-profit organizations to help them be the beacon of light in their community.
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